JJ Spitler // Co-Founder

Being a real estate agent himself, JJ Spitler knows the in’s and the out’s of the industry. He knows what it takes to attract leads, close deals, and be successful as a realtor. JJ also knows that marketing/branding yourself in the right way can make or break that success, and what better platform is there for personal branding than on social media? This is how he came up with the concept for REVIVAL, an out-of-the-box lead generation agency that caters solely to real estate agents. JJ specializes in client acquisition and relations, and serves as the first point of contact between the business and its clientele.


Ryne Williams // Co-Founder

Also known as “The King of Deliverables,” Ryne Williams oversees all creative assets regarding the business and the people it services. From brand image, to web and graphic design, to social media management, and beyond, Ryne’s creative eye and jack-of-all-trades position makes him our go-to guy for many different operations here at REVIVAL.


Peter Gentile // Director of Advertising

Peter Gentile is REVIVAL’s “secret weapon.” A skilled digital marketer and advertiser, Peter is directly responsible for the creation and oversight of all advertisements and lead generation for our clients. If you have an influx of more leads than you know what to do with, Peter is likely to blame.