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If you’re in the real estate industry, it should come as no surprise that networking and building connections is everything when it comes to scaling your business. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to make a deal. Makes sense, right?

It should also make sense to say that the means by which you get your name out there are not the same today as they were ten years ago. Today, social media is the name of the game.

These days, people aren’t just using social media to post pictures of their vacation, or share viral cat videos. People are utilizing social media to find new leads and customers for their business.

In the real estate space, specifically, agents just like you are using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to find new leads, showcase their listings, and show a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be a real estate agent through their point of view.

We understand that doing all of this, and navigating through these social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram, can be an intimidating thing…which is why we created REVIVAL.

Through our skillset that has developed from years of experience with social media, we take away the headache of figuring out social media and get you more real estate leads.



At this point, we have real estate lead generation down to a science. Some of our clients are getting up to twenty five new, qualified leads in one day. How we attract these leads is through the use of Facebook advertising. We are able to use Facebook’s advertising platform to really hone in on and target the people who need some help buying/selling a house. These kind of results are most certainly attributed to our four step, tried and true lead generation system:


Test. Our first order of business is to find out what ads people are engaging with. We start by split-testing a few different ads, and then once we have enough data, we double down on one or two that are driving the most interactions.


Optimize. Once we’ve gathered enough data to know which ads are working, and who is engaging with them, we switch up the targeting parameters to only show ads to the type of people our data suggests will engage with them.


Optimize, again. Optimizing your ad’s targeting parameters is a never ending job that we stay on top of. The benefit of this is that the ads become more effective, and will yield better results as time goes on.


Repeat. Once an ad is yielding sufficient results, why not start running another? The more successful ads that are ran, the more leads you are likely to capture. The more leads you capture, the more deals you are likely to close.


“adaptability is the key to successful conversion.”

jj spitler  |  Co-Founder




example #1

With a budget of about $100, we were able to generate 40 new leads in one day for this client.


example #2

With a budget of $150, we were able to generate 77 new leads in one week for this client. As you can see from the data above, we still had about $14 left to spend on the campaign, which would’ve resulted in 8 more leads.


example #3

With a budget of about $100, we were able to generate nearly 40 new leads in one day for this client.


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